Dacey Kealohi’ilikai Gomes | Fall 2013 | Hand

Re-creation of “Madrina” by Mark Calderon


Architectural Intervention - Fall 2013. Graphite

Greg Antons | Fall 2013 | Digital

Experiential Section Perspectives

Horse sanctuary paddock, office, and retreat.  Mix media on plywood.

Fractional Voids. Fall 2013. Hand/Digital.

J. Mollner


Overlay of both projects as the result of a final submission for KROB International Design Competition- (Whelton, ARCH 420)

The image displays how mapping phenomena of the Mexican Calaveras can be expressed through an architectural language, as the proposal for a semi-transparent display for the Expanding Light Gallery (EXL) on NE Broadway- (Mills, ARCH 381)

Rachel Browne | Fall 2013 | Digital/Hand

Overflow Map